以下所有视频均由石龙拍摄。 这不是一个完整的集合,因为我还有更多,但希望不时更改它们以保持对这个站点的高度兴趣……
All videos below were filmed by Stone Dragon. It’s not a complete collection as I have many more, but hope to change them from time to time to keep interest in this site high…

来自中国 From China


Most masters start to develop their art in childhood.

上图:盘山北少林寺小僧人修炼五星套路 – ‎2015 年 9 月 ‎8 日
Above: Junior monks at North Shaolin Monastery on Panshan practicing 五星套路 Wǔxīng Taolu – Five Star Form – ‎September ‎8, ‎2015
Above is 五步拳 Wǔ bù quán (“Five Step Routine”) demonstrated by Shi Yan Kong, February ‎3, ‎2015 at North Shaolin Monastery – Shi Yan Kong is (or at least was) the Shifu (teacher) of the boys in the video above.

以下是2019年上海第十五届世界武术锦标赛开幕式 Below are two very short videos from the Opening Ceremony at the 15th World Wushu Championships in Shanghai, 2019

Below are parts of two sword Taolu performed at 2019 World Wushu Championships

Master-Class Sword Taolu
Like Water
公园里的中国。 麒麟鞭功夫与齐振伦先生。 我一直想知道鞭子怎么可以用作战争武器。 看着齐振伦先生,我明白了。 根据记录,“武术”是传统的战争艺术; 在家庭中秘密保存。
China in the park. Unicorn Whip Kung Fu with Mr Qi Zhen Lun. I always wondered how a whip could be used as a weapon of war. Watching Mr. Qi Zhen Lun, I understood. For the record, “Martial Arts” were traditionally war arts; kept in secret within families.