Indonesia Videos: Martial Arts, Silk Road and Cultural

Indonesia Videos: Seni Bela Diri, Jalur Sutra dan Budaya

Banjarbaru Indonesia 的才华横溢、非常有趣的 Pencak Silat 球员与丝绸之路功夫友谊之旅旅行者石龙合影。 无价!
Incredibly talented, really fun Pencak Silat players of Banjar Baru Indonesia pose with Silk Road Kung Fu Friendship Tour Traveler Stone Dragon.
这支球队有着非常独特的中国功夫/Silat融合风格。 简直美极了!This team has a highly unique Chinese Gong Fu/Silat fusion style. Absolutely beautiful!
Above: Extraordinary Chinese Gong Fu/Silat fusion style team member
上图:展示 Perguruan Seni Bela Silat 风格的年轻人。 他的才华非凡,可见他的人气也很高!
Above: Young man demonstrating Perguruan Seni Bela Silat Style. His talent is extraordinary and one can see he is quite popular too!
以上是印度尼西亚传统武器商店的快速浏览。 人们会注意到名为“Kris”的波浪匕首。 有些人认为特殊的“Kris”可以包含一种深刻而强大的精神。
Above is a quick tour of an Indonesian traditional weapons shop. One will note the wavy dagger called the “Kris.” Some believe a special Kris can contain a profound and powerful spirit.

印尼文化 Indonesian Culture

Above: A taxi ride, neighborhood and truly lovely music