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“If you read a thousand good books, you will have lived 1,001 lives.”

大多数人每分钟说 100 – 130 个单词。 如果您练习阅读,您将成为速读者。 我通常每分钟阅读大约 500 – 600 个单词,具体取决于写作的复杂程度。 对于那些想要学习或只是娱乐的人来说,阅读通常是最快的方式。

Most people speak about 100 – 130 words per minute. If you practice reading you will become a speed reader. I usually read about 500 – 600 words a minute depending on how complex the writing is. For those who want to learn, or just be entertained, reading is usually the fastest way to do that.

您可以在下面下载我的两本《丝路功夫友谊之旅》的免费 PDF 版本,我的两本关于盘山北少林寺的书,以及我写的一篇关于韩国传统射箭的文章。

Below you can download complementary PDF versions of my two books “Silk Road Kung Fu Friendship Tour” books; two books I wrote about the North Shaolin Monastery, and an article about traditional Korean Archery.

下面我提供一些经典丝绸之路文献和其他文本的免费下载链接以及简要说明。Below that I present links to free downloads of some classical Silk Road literature and other texts along with brief descriptions.


I originally intended free downloads of my books just for my friends. Who are my friends? All those who believe in peace between people and nations with self-determination, dignity and other values inscribed in the original UN charter. Then I realized sharing thoughts and feelings is the best way to make new friends. So, the following publications are offered free to all.

在过去的 30 年里,我几乎完全生活在东亚,并接受了许多武术训练。 在韩国时,我首先开始学习称为“Kumdo”的韩国剑道。 下面是一本帮助外国人学习Kumdo词汇的小册子。 我是在朋友韩国 Kumdo 助理教练 Ahn Jeong Huan (안정완) 的帮助下写的。

Over the past 30 years I lived almost entirely in East Asia and trained in many martial arts. While in South Korea I first started learning Korean Kendo called “Kumdo.” Below is a copy of a small book to help foreigners learn the vocabulary used in Kumdo. I wrote it with the help of a friend, Korean Kumdo assistant instructor Ahn Jeong Huan (안정완).


Below is a free download of an article I wrote about the traditional Korean archery style called: Kukgung.


For those who enjoy reading and the sacred texts of the ancients, I recommend this site:


The ancient Silk Roads connected to Greece and Rome after their land terminus.

对于那些想了解古罗马及其领导人遗产的人,我建议阅读:苏埃托尼乌斯的《十二个凯撒的生平》。 它可以从以下位置免费下载:

For those who wish to understand something about the legacy of ancient Rome and its leaders, I recommend reading: “The Lives of the Twelve Caesars,” by Suetonius. It can be downloaded free from:

Tod des Spartacus by Hermann Vogel, Public Domain

如果该网站的访问者想一睹古代残酷的罗马角斗士世界,我推荐霍华德法斯特的历史小说版本,标题为斯巴达克斯: /dp/156324599X 可以以低于 3.00 美元的价格购买平装本

If the visitor to this site would like a glimpse into the ancient brutal world of Roman gladiators, I recommend the historical fiction version by Howard Fast titled Spartacus: A paperback version can be purchased for under $3.00

作为一个“扶手椅历史学家”,我想指出,总部设在君士坦丁堡的东罗马帝国比总部设在罗马的西罗马帝国持续了大约 900 年,原因有几个。 一是更好的组织。 另一个是,东罗马帝国在历史上很早就停止了角斗“游戏”,因为“庆祝”这种残忍和虐待狂不仅逗乐了罗马暴民,还鼓励他们效仿这种暴行,最终导致 它的垮台。

As an “armchair historian” I would like to note that the Eastern Roman Empire headquartered in Constantinople, lasted some 900 years longer than the Western Roman Empire headquartered in Rome for several reasons. One was better organization. Another, is that the Eastern Roman empire stopped the gladiatorial “games” fairly early in history, as “celebrating” that kind of cruelty and sadism not only amused the Roman mob, but also encouraged them to emulate that kind of brutality, ultimately leading to its downfall.


The following are the final three paragraphs of that historical fiction by writer Howard Fast.

在这样的生活中,斯巴达克斯的儿子生了又死了——像他父亲一样在斗争和暴力中死去。 他告诉自己的儿子们的故事并不那么清楚,也不那么真实。 故事变成了传说,传说变成了象征,但被压迫者对压迫他们的人的战争仍在继续。 那是一团高低燃烧却从未熄灭的火焰——斯巴达克斯的名字并没有消亡。 这不是血统的问题,而是共同奋斗的问题。



From: Bantam Books edition published August 1960

古典丝绸之路文学 Classical Silk Road Literature

一千零一夜 A Thousand and One Nights

对于古代丝绸之路上令人惊叹和难以置信的故事,我强烈推荐阅读:一千零一夜。 它可以免费下载或在线阅读:

For amazing and incredible stories from the ancient Silk Roads, I highly recommend reading: A Thousand and One Nights. It can be downloaded for free or read online here:

吴承恩西游记 Journey to the West by Wu Cheng’en

中国最伟大、最丰富多彩、最具创造性的文学作品之一是吴承恩的《西游记》。 这是传说中石猴陪玄奘僧人到印度收集圣典的故事。 中文版可以在这里免费下载:,英文版可以在线阅读或在这里免费下载:

One of the greatest, most colorful and creative works of literature to come from China is “Journey to the West” by Cheng’en Wu. It is the story of Stone Monkey who – according to legend – accompanied Monk Xuanzang to India in order to collect sacred texts. The Chinese version can be downloaded free here: and an English version can be read online or downloaded for free here:

Journey to the West, The photograph was taken by Rolf Müller on April 17, 2005. Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported

中药 Chinese Traditional Medicine

Old Chinese medical chart on acupuncture meridians – Public Domain

《黄帝内经》是一部古老的中医典籍,两千多年来一直被视为中医的基本教义来源。 这部作品包括两篇文本——每篇都有 81 章或论文,以问答形式出现在神话中的黄帝和他同样传奇的六位大臣之间。

Huangdi Neijing (黄帝内经) is an ancient Chinese medical text that has been treated as a fundamental doctrinal source for Chinese medicine for more than two millennia. The work comprises two texts—each of eighty-one chapters or treatises in a question-and-answer format between the mythical Yellow Emperor and six of his equally legendary ministers.


An English translation can be read online or downloaded for free from here:

1970 年代初,我的第一位也是最好的中国历史和哲学老师之一被命名为 Chin-Lin。 他告诉我,学功夫而不学中医是不平衡和不完整的。 我听取了他的建议,研究了近 50 年的中医各个分支。 谢谢秦琳!

One of my first and best teachers of Chinese history and philosophy was named Chin-Lin in the early 1970s. He told me that to learn Kung Fu without also learning about Chinese medicine would be unbalanced and incomplete. I listened to his advice and have studied various branches of Traditional Chinese medicine for almost 50 years. Thank you Chin-Lin!