上图是印度尼西亚国家队套路队,G. Brundage(也称 Stone Dragon 石龙)后排右三。

Welcome to the Silk Road Kung Fu Friendship Tour Internet Site!
Above are Indonesian Pencak Silat teams with G. Brundage also called Stone Dragon 石龙

Above are stone dragons from Songshan Shaolin Monastery – Photo by G. Brundage

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Site updated January 23, 2023

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From December 15 2022, to Ongoing – the Silk Road Kung Fu Friendship Tour added a new YouTube Channel featuring new Silk Road videos with an ever expanding collection about the Martial arts, Silk Road history & culture in the Chiang Mai area of North Thailand.

After getting a foothold on YouTube it was time to explore the wonderful world of TikTok while getting to know different people and places around town now, and during the past 12,000 years or so. And I moved for the 6th time in Chaingmai in a few months due to hot rental markets, finally settling for a while in a middle-class Thai flat sort of place which is quite OK with me.

In the meantime, I self-taught video production skills at the caveman level and now wear many hats, until a new videographer comes along. That, is just a bit time consuming. Exploring new music for those videos is a challenge and delight. Many thanks especially to https://pixabay.com/music/search for use of music.


16 Silk Road countries, 15,000 kilometers of land travel and 2,000 years of history so far.

丝绸之路旅行家、作家、武术家和丝绸之路功夫友谊之旅的创始人格雷戈里·布伦戴奇(石龙)于1973年开始学习功夫。 首先,他的文章发表在功夫杂志(在加利福尼亚出版),然后他收集这些文章并出版成书。

Silk Road traveler, writer, martial artist and founder of the Silk Road Martial Art Friendship Tour Gregory Brundage started learning Judo and Taekwondo in 1969, and Kung Fu in 1972. He first moved to southeast Asia in 1992, and started the Silk Road Kung Fu Friendship Tour and Silk Road Taekwondo Quest in 2015 while living in Beijing. First, his articles are published in Kung Fu Magazine (California) and then he collects those articles and publishes them in books. A similar arrangement was made with Taekwondo Times magazine also published in the US and a book emerged as well.


“Kung Fu” refers to a transcendent level of skill development.


It is about building, never destroying.

沿着最古老的文明和贸易途径进行陆路旅行、培训和采访功夫大师:中国、喀布尔、阿富汗、哈萨克斯坦、吉尔吉斯斯坦、乌兹别克斯坦、土库曼斯坦、阿塞拜疆、格鲁吉亚,到土耳其伊斯坦布尔,这片土地的西部终端 丝绸之路。

Land travel, training with and interviewing the Kung Masters along humanities most ancient pathways of civilization and trade: Around China, Kabul, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, to Istanbul, Turkey, the western terminal of the land Silk Roads.

The journey continues through: Pakistan – Gansu China – Qatar – Addis Ababa, Tigray Ethiopia – Vietnam – Japan – Indonesia – Shanghai, Ningbo, Yuyao China – Thailand and Hong Kong
从 2022 年 11 月 1 日开始,我们将访问泰国的另外两个城市,然后访问另外 9 个国家:柬埔寨、老挝、马来西亚、马尔代夫、蒙古、新加坡、韩国、斯里兰卡和塔吉克斯坦。
Starting November 1, 2022, we will visit two more cities in Thailand and then 9 more countries: Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Maldives, Mongolia, Singapore, South Korea, Sri Lanka and Tajikistan.

逃离矩阵! 尝试现实生活来改变。

Escape the Matrix!


The Silk Roads are the real thing – the heart of the world and always have been.

一个地方只是一个地方; 是朋友让它变得特别。 下面是丝路功夫记者 G. Brundage(石龙)与越南国家武术队在河内训练总部,2019年6月6日。,2019 年 6 月 6 日。

A place is just a place; it’s friends that make it special.

上图是丝绸之路功夫记者 G. Brundage 与越南国家武术队在河内训练总部的合影,2019 年 6 月 6 日。

Above is Silk Road Kung Fu reporter G. Brundage with the Vietnamese National Wushu team at their training headquarters in Hanoi, June ‎6, ‎2019.

以上是印尼国家武术功夫队。 (2019)
Above is the Indonesian National Wushu Kung Fu Team. (2019)

上图是埃塞俄比亚国家武术功夫队的一部分,左为托菲克大师,中为石龙。 (2018)

Above is part of Ethiopia’s National Wushu Kung Fu team with Master Tofik center left and Stone Dragon center right. (2018)


Above: A part of Pakistan’s National Wushu Sanda Team, 2017.

土耳其青年队——我在 2016 年访问了他们在安卡拉的国家总部

Above: Turkish Junior Team – My visit to their national HQ in Ankara, 2016

格鲁吉亚国家少年武术队,2016 年 7 月

Georgia’s national Junior Wushu Team, July 2016

还有很多! And many more!

All the articles compiled in the above books were first published in www.kungfumagazine.com (California, USA) as part of an ongoing seven year series.


Below is a random collection of people and places along the Silk Roads visited by Silk Road Kung Fu reporter stone dragon.

Mosaic of different people and places… so many friends along the roads.
阿塞拜疆国家历史博物馆 – 参观宏伟的古代丝绸之路是一种令人谦卑的体验。 丰富的经验是无法形容的。G.布伦戴奇摄
Azerbaijan National Museum of History – Visiting the grandeur of the ancient Silk Road is a humbling experience. The richness of experience is indescribable. Photo by G. Brundage




There are several ways the visitor to this site can invest in east – west cultural diplomacy.

孔子雕像 – 文明史上具有里程碑意义/转折点的人物。 他教导仁爱、孝道(尊重父母和祖先)、礼节(仪式、行为准则、谦虚、礼节和礼貌)、正义、忠诚和以人为本的美德,以过上和平的生活。
Statue of Confucius – A landmark/ turning-point figure in the history of civilization. He taught benevolence, filial piety (respect for parents and ancestors), rites (for ceremonies, rules of conduct, modesty, decorum and politeness), justice, faithfulness, and human-centered virtues for living a peaceful life.

我们目前正在寻找一名摄像师/视频编辑,一名额外的摄影师和中国武术功夫练习者与我们一起旅行。 众筹也是另一种投资选择。有关详细信息,请查看上面菜单上的投资页面。

We are currently looking for a videographer/video editor, additional photographer and Chinese Wushu Kung Fu practitioner to travel with us. Crowdfunding is another investment option. For details, check out the Invest page on the menu above.

什么是“开明的自我利益”?What is “enlightened self-interest?”

Curious minds want to know! 好奇的人想知道

请参阅本网站上的“投资”页面以获取答案。See “Invest” page on this site for an answer.

您可以下载石龙的丝绸之路功夫友谊之旅(第一卷和第二卷)(免费PDF版本),以及他撰写的另外两本书,分别为:“重建北少林 – 2010 – 2020”和“北少林, 历史、文化和轮回”从上面菜单的下载页面。 那里还有其他有趣和启发性的书籍——全部免费。

You can download (free PDF versions) of 石龙的 Silk Road Kung Fu Friendship Tour books Volume 1 and Volume 2, as well as two other books titled: “Rebuilding the North Shaolin – 2010 – 2020” and “North Shaolin, History, Culture and Reincarnation” from the Download page on the menu above. There are other other entertaining and enlightening books there as well – all for free.

我们正在制作的丝绸之路功夫友谊之旅系列的第三本书将是最令人兴奋的,因为我们正在添加视频,将在每个地点花费更多时间并在在线旅游博客中分享发生的事件 .

This third book in the Silk Road Kung Fu Friendship Tour series we’re working on now will be the most exciting of all as we’re adding videos, will spend more time in each location and sharing events as they happen in an online Travel Blog.

The first Silk Road Kung Fu Friendship Tour started in Beijing, followed the Northern Silk Road and then swung south of the Caspian and Black Seas to Istanbul, Turkey on the western end of the land Silk Roads.

Stone Dragon riding across part of Mingsha Shan Desert, Dunhuang, Northwest China. At night the skies are washed white with stars.

长40公里,宽20公里,最高点达250米,鸣沙山或歌唱山沙漠超现实。 狂风吹来,似古乐器之声,故名:歌唱山。 整个城镇消失了几天,有时甚至几个世纪后又出现了,只有木乃伊的尸体来讲述这些故事。

40 km in length and 20 km in width, with the highest point reaching 250 meters, Mingsha Shan or Singing Mountain desert is surreal. When the wild winds blow, sounds like ancient musical instruments can be heard, hence the name: Singing Mountain. Whole towns have disappeared and reappeared days, and sometimes centuries later, with only mummified bodies to tell the stories.

您可以在周边的各个地方租用骆驼,但至少在您骑车的前几次必须有向导,因为人们有时会在沙尘暴中迷路。 骆驼找到回家的路,但不知道自己在做什么的游客有时却找不到。 例如,您不能在沙尘暴中相信手机指南针。 首先,沙子会破坏你的手机,其次,无论如何都没有信号。 每个骑手至少需要一两只供应骆驼等等。

You can rent camels at various places on the periphery but must have a guide at least the first few times you ride out there as people do sometimes get lost in sandstorms. The camels find their way home, but tourists who don’t know what they are doing sometimes don’t. You can’t for example trust a phone compass in a sandstorm. First, the sand will destroy your phone, and second, there’s no signal anyways. Each rider needs at least one or two supply camels and so on.

从好的方面来说,骆驼粪很干,你可以在当晚用它生火做饭。 你也可以挖一个槽,在里面点一个小长火,让它烧一会儿,然后把它埋在大约2厘米以下。 沙子。 如果你把你的帐篷放在上面,你会整晚睡得温暖而舒适。

On the bright side, camel dung comes out so dry you can use it to build a fire for cooking that very same night. Also you might want to dig a trough, make a small long fire inside, let it burn a while, then bury it beneath about 2 cm. of sand. If you put your tent on top of that, you’ll sleep warm and snug all night long.

李先生,值得信赖和睿智的朋友,指导我们第一次到鸣沙山过夜。 他也是极少数会说英语的导游之一。

Mr. Li, trusted, wise friend and guide for our first overnight journey into Mingsha Shan. He’s also one of few guides that speaks English.


Building cultural bridges is what we are all about.


Silk Road Kung Fu Friendship Tour is a non-profit subsidiary of

Hainan Pioneer Silk Road Culture Education Consulting Ltd.

要吸取的教训:沙丘顶部有点滑。 剑、弓、箭和拳可能比踢更好,但最重要的是对人好,所以战斗真的没有必要。 不过,训练必须继续。
A lesson to be learned: It’s a bit slippery there on the top of a sand dune. Swords, bows and arrows and punches might be better than kicks, but best of all is to be nice to people so fighting really isn’t necessary. Still, training must go on.


Welcome to the ongoing adventures of the Silk Road Kung Fu Friendship Tour!


Where great pasts, presents and futures – meet – in great cities, towns and villages, deserts, jungles, mountains and oceans.

What is the difference between great people and great mountains?

Great mountains never meet.


There are rewards for those who invest

And ALL participants in the Silk Road Kung Fu Friendship Tour receive a Letter of Profound Appreciation.

All questions, comments and suggestions are welcome. Please see Contact page for details.

Photos 1, 2, 3 & 4 above from Pexels, 5 Himeji Castle, Japan and 6 Doha, Qatar by 石龙.

左上至右下:图1缅甸世界武术锦标赛的Myat Noe Eain,西安体育大学的2、3,2019上海世界武术锦标赛的4散打,5(红衫白裤)徐琳女士 西安体育教育大学套路系主任6、(白T恤黑裤)唐军,西安体育大学螳螂式,7在河内执教越南国家少年散打队。 照片由石龙拍摄。

Upper left to lower right: Photo 1 Myat Noe Eain from Myanmar at World Wushu Championships, 2 & 3 from Xi’an Physical Education University, 4 Sanda at 2019 World Wushu Championships in Shanghai, 5 (red shirt white pants) Ms Xu Lin Director of Taolu Xian Phy Ed University 6, (white T-shirt, black pants) Tang Jun, Mantis Style, also Physical Ed University 7 Coaching Vietnam’s National Junior Sanda team in Hanoi. Photos by 石龙.

现在是我们的第 7 年。
Now in our 7th year.