Rajadamnern Stadium Muay Thai 2019-09-26

泰国武术、丝绸之路历史文化 – 视频

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Thailand’s Martial Arts, Silk Road History and Culture – Videos and stories

Buakaw – A True Martial Artist

Though semi-retired now, Sombat Banchamek a.k.a. Buakaw Banchamek is one of the finest martial artists I have ever seen. I’d rank him in the Top 10 of the past 70 years, on par with Bruce Li, Muhammad Ali, Sugar Ray Leonard, Mike Tyson, Khabib Nurmagomedov and so on. “Buakaw” by the way means “White Lotus.” You have to see this video to believe it.

Permission to post granted by Muay Thai Scholar via Messenger, October 10, 2022

以下是普吉武术学校的短片,由北京少林学校和北京体育大学名誉教练李玉忠领衔。 只是轻微的陪练。 他们似乎很容易在散打、泰拳和常规拳击风格之间转换。

Below is a short clip from Phuket Wushu School, led by Coach Li Yu Zhong of Beijing Shaolin School and Beijing Sports University fame. Just a little light sparring. They seemed to transition between Sanda, Muay Thai and regular boxing styles quite easily.

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Rajadamnern Stadium – Great Kick!
Rajadamnern Stadium – Elegant little foot sweep

那些年轻的泰拳战士是如何变得如此坚韧的? 他们训练刻苦,非常刻苦,并拥有敬业的专业教练。 以下来自Kranuan Muay Thai School。

How do those young Muay Thai fighters get so tough? They train hard, really hard and have dedicated, professional coaches. The following is from the Kranuan Muay Thai School.

非常感谢 Kru Tang 允许我在 Kranuan 的真实传统泰拳学校训练! 他是一位顶级教练,也是一个心地善良的好人。当雇用我的教学公司在那之后把我送到另一所公立学校时,我很难过……
Many Thanks to Kru Tang for permitting me to train there at his real, traditional Muay Thai School there in Kranuan! He’s a TOP COACH, and a good person with a kind heart.

For more about Martial Arts in Thailand, see one of my other internet sites:

The greatest Muay Thai fighter? That’s impossible to answer as there have been so many over the decades and even centuries.



SILK ROAD History in Isan Region

自从有了丝绸之路,泰国就一直是丝绸之路的贸易中心,这意味着至少有几千年的历史。 以下是伊桑地区一座美丽的古老佛教寺院的短片。 它标志着泰国历史上的一个重要转折点,正如以下故事所阐明的那样。

Thailand has been a Silk Road trading center since there was a Silk Road, which means at least a couple of thousand years. Below is a short video from a beautiful ancient Buddhist Monastery in Isan Region. It marks a significant turning point in Thai history, as the following story illuminates.

以下是引用 The following is a quote:

“Ku Prapha Chai 由阇耶跋摩七世国王 (r. 1182-1219) 建造,作为他在高棉帝国委托的 102 家 arogayasala(医院)之一的寺庙。它面向东方,完全遵循标准的 arogayasala 设计。Jayavarman VII 切换 从印度教到大乘佛教的国教,他对功德和慈善的追求影响了他的工作。根据在塔普伦寺发现的公元 1186 年的铭文,他在整个帝国的城镇中建造了 102 家医院。另一个铭文写于公元 1191 年和 在柏汗发现,他说他在三条主要道路上建造了 121 间招待所。在其他二十多处提到他的医院的铭文中,有一处说:“他遭受臣民的疾病比他自己的还要多;因为公众的悲痛 使国王悲伤,而不是他们自己的悲伤。”

“Ku Prapha Chai was built by King Jayavarman VII (r. 1182-1219) as a temple for one of the 102 arogayasala (hospitals) he commissioned across the Khmer empire. It faces east and fully follows the standard arogayasala design. Jayavarman VII switched the state religion from Hinduism to Mahayana Buddhism, and his quest for merit and beneficence influenced his work. According to an 1186 CE inscription found at Ta Prohm temple, he built 102 hospitals in towns across the empire. Another inscription, written in 1191 CE and found at Preah Khan, said he constructed 121 resthouses along three major roads. One of the more than twenty other inscriptions mentioning his hospitals says, “He suffered from the maladies of his subjects more than from his own; for it is the public grief which makes the grief of kings, and not their own grief.”

“重要的是要注意(因为很多文章都弄错了)今天剩下的建筑物不是医院和休息室本身,它们是由木头、竹子、茅草或其他易腐烂的材料制成的,早已消失了。石头建筑 幸存下来的是相关的寺庙……”

“It’s important to note (because so many articles get it wrong) that the buildings remaining today are not the hospitals and resthouses themselves, which were made of wood, bamboo, thatch, or other perishable materials and have long since vanished. The stone buildings that survived are the associated temples…” From:

Video above by Silk Road Kung Fu Friendship Tour traveler G. Brundage.

Ku Prapha Chai 寺的方丈那天非常好心地带我参观了寺庙。 与聪明善良的人交谈是我最大的荣幸。 The Abbot of Ku Prapha Chai Monastery was so very kind to give me a tour of the temple that day. It is my greatest pleasure to have conversations with wise and kind human beings.

真正的泰国文化 The REAL Thai culture

我在泰国的一所公立学校教了四个月(2021 年 12 月 – 2022 年 3 月 30 日),地点是一个叫 Kranuan 的小镇。 它位于伊桑地区东北部,非常美丽。 教完课后,有时在周末和甘蔗切割工一起工作,很开心。

I taught in a Thai public school for four months (December 2021 – March 30, 2022) in a small town called Kranuan. It’s in the northeast Isan region and very beautiful. After teaching, and on weekends sometimes I worked with the sugar cane cutters, and was happy.

在工作日结束时,甘蔗切割工通常会放松一下,并举办一些小型聚会。 这让我想起了我在西班牙巴塞罗那附近的马铃薯农场工作的少年夏天。 人们庆祝又一个工作日结束的温暖、友好的家庭氛围。

At the end of work day the cane cutters usually relax a bit and have something of a little party. It reminded me of my teenage summer working on the potato farm near Barcelona in Spain. A warm, friendly family atmosphere of people celebrating the end of another work day.


At first I was saddened when the British owned teaching company that hired me sent me to another public school after that.

但是这个新的小镇也非常好。 然而令我惊讶的是,这里没有武术学校。 幸运的是,这个名为 Bueng Kan 的小镇确实有出色的体育人士、两条很棒的自行车和跑道以及一个很棒的健身房和一个令人难以置信的武术训练馆.

But this new small town has been very nice too. To my surprise however there are no martial arts schools here. Fortunately, this town called Bueng Kan does have wonderful sports people, two great bicycle and running tracks and a terrific gym with an incredible martial art training hall.

Perfect Gym – Bueng Kan, Isan region, Thailand – There’s a short video of me playing with the bags on: This page.


There was a hugely fun charity fun run in Bueng Kan recently also – who could resist participating in that?

汶干泰国 – 慈善趣味跑 – 热身舞
Bueng Kan, Thailand – Charity Fun Run – Dance warm up

泰国的另一个美丽之处是大量壮观的花朵。 莲花随处可见,有上千种不同的兰花。

Another beautiful thing about Thailand is the huge number of spectacular flowers. Lotus can be found everywhere and they have over a thousand different kinds of orchids.

水莲 Water Lotus
The students worked for days making flower art to celebrate Teachers day at Bueng Kan School.

我问了几个学生他们在哪里学的花艺。 都说是妈妈教的。 这是一种很好的文化。 学校学期于 10 月 7 日星期五结束,即撰写本文时的上个星期五(2022 年 10 月 9 日星期日)。 所以现在是为期三周的假期的开始。 但是,我听到远处的土地在呼唤。

I asked several students where they learned their flower art. All said their mother taught them. That’s a nice culture. The school semester ended Friday October 7, this past Friday as of this writing (Sunday, October 9, 2022). So now is the beginning of a three week holiday. But, I hear a land far away calling.

截至 2022 年 10 月 17 日,我将在泰国待一年。 那一年我结交了很多朋友,在《功夫太极》杂志上发表了两篇文章,对泰国的古代历史做了相当多的研究,存了我能存的钱,很快就会离开另一个城市,在泰国,或者另一个城市 国家。 我仍在研究选项。 离开美好的人和地方总是一件很难的事情,却是这位丝绸之路功夫友谊之旅的旅行者选择的道路。

As of October 17, 2022 I will have been in Thailand one year. During that year I have made many friends, published two articles in Kung Fu Tai Chi Magazine, done quite a lot of research about Thailand’s ancient history, saved what money I could, and will soon leave to another city, in Thailand, or maybe another country. I’m still researching the options. Departing wonderful people and places is always a difficult thing to do, yet is the chosen path of this Silk Road Kung Fu Friendship Tour traveler.

为了帮助该网站的访问者理解,我谦虚地提供梅根理查兹的以下歌曲。 这首歌的名字是“This Wandering Day”,我在YouTube上选择了带有歌词的版本。 一周前,我第一次听到这首歌是在一部名为“权力之戒”的新电视剧中。 这部电视剧的故事发生在著名的 J.R.R. 托尔金的“魔戒三部曲”书籍(和电影)。

To help the visitor to this site understand, I humbly offer the following song by Megan Richards. The name of the song is “This Wandering Day” and I chose the version on YouTube with Lyrics. I first heard this song a week ago on a new TV series called: “The Rings of Power.” The story of that TV series took place long before the famous J.R.R. Tolkien “Trilogy of the Ring” books (and movies).


ด้านล่างนี้คุณจะพบเพลงในเวอร์ชันภาษาอังกฤษ ไทย และชาวอินโดนีเซีย

Below you will find English, Thai and Indonesian language versions of the song.

用英语讲 In English

ภาษาไทย – 泰语 – In Thai

印尼语 In Indonesian

和平与爱丝绸之路沿线和世界以外的所有人民。Peace and love to all the peoples of the Silk Roads and world beyond.

Silk Road Traveler with Sinbi Muay Thai owner in Phuket.
生命之树 ต้นไม้แห่งชีวิต Tree of life
在泰国,遇到这样的“魏”是有礼貌的。 在句末有礼貌的人说:“Khap。” 这些传统有助于培养人们在泰国会发现的非常和平和礼貌的文化。
In Thailand it is polite when meeting someone to “Wei” like this. At the end of sentences polite people say: “Khap.” These kinds of traditions help foster the very peaceful and polite cultures one will find in Thailand.