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机会 Opportunities

  • 一位喜欢旅行的摄像师/视频编辑,至少一个月的财务自给自足。 (在南亚,10,000 人民币可能就足够了。)A videographer/video editor that likes to travel, and is financially self-sufficient for at least one month. (10,000 RMB is probably sufficient in South Asia.)
  • 一位喜欢旅行的中国武术功夫练习者,至少一个月的经济自给自足。 (在南亚,10,000 人民币可能就足够了。) A Chinese Wushu Kung Fu practitioner that likes to travel, and is financially self-sufficient for at least one month. (10,000 RMB is probably sufficient in South Asia.)
  • 其他体育、艺术和科学的从业者希望与我一起游览丝绸之路,并在美国、欧洲、中国和万维网上发表文章。想象一下“丝路足球友谊之旅”、“丝路绘画友谊之旅“和“ “丝路音乐友谊之旅“。 是的,现在国际关系中存在着挑战,但这并不是停止在我们可以在何时何地建设文化桥梁的理由。Practitioners of other sports, arts, and sciences that would like to travel the Silk Roads with me and publish articles in the US, Europe, China and/or a Travel Blog on the World Wide Web. Imagine a “Silk Road Football Friendship Tour,” a “Silk Road Music Friendship Tour,” a “Silk Road Painting Friendship Tour,” a “Silk Road Architecture Tour,” and a “Silk Road Medical Tour.” There are so many magazines for all interests in the world. Yes, there are challenges in international relations now, but that is no reason to stop building cultural bridges where and when we can. This kind of project can bring prestige to your sports club, university, orchestra, company or hospital.
  • 一个可以帮助解决上述 #1 和 #2 问题的中国电视台,以及 A Chinese TV station that would help with #1, #2 and #3 above, and

– 希望帮助加强丝绸之路周围以及讲英语的西方和亚洲之间的文化纽带的个人投资者/赞助商。

Individual investors/sponsors that would like to help strengthen the cultural bonds around the Silk Roads and between the English speaking west and Asia.


Gifts for individual investors

我将为个人投资者做什么? 赠送小礼物; 我们的感激之情。 我在北京的合伙人:

What will I do for individual investors? Present small gifts; tokens of our appreciation. My partner in Beijing makes:

丝绸之路珠宝与来自丝绸之路国家的宝石Silk Road jewelry with gems from Silk Road countries

Paridot necklace from Vietnam
Red Garnet necklace Sri Lanka

那些宝石并不昂贵,但折射光线很漂亮。 我让她选择一些简单的设计和便宜的宝石。 所以,我认为它们是向那些帮助建立文化桥梁的人表达我们感激之情的好礼物。

Those gemstones are not expensive, but refract light beautifully. I asked her to choose some simple designs and inexpensive gems. So, I think they are good gifts to show our appreciation to those who help build cultural bridges.


Silk Road coins and coin necklaces


Silk Road Kung Fu Friendship Tour T-shirts, tank tops, sweatshirts, and bags

感谢信 Letter of Appreciation

在这个网站的主页上,我写了关于“开明的自我利益”的文章。 那是什么? 对于 1)所有丝绸之路国家和人民,2)可能对丝绸之路国家不太了解的西方人,3)世界,4)投资者和 5)这个旅行者,这是一个双赢的局面。 换句话说,这是一次双赢的投资。

On the homepage of this site I wrote about “enlightened self-interest.” What is that? That is a Win-Win situation for 1) All Silk Road nations and people, 2) westerners who might not know much about Silk Road nations, 3) the world, 4) the investor and 5) this traveler. In other words, this is a Win-Win-Win-Win-Win investment.

加州 主编 Gene Ching 很高兴继续“丝路功夫友谊”系列文章。 他们很受欢迎! 下一期将是七年系列的第 39 期。 最后两篇文章是:

Gene Ching, the Editor-in-Chief of in California is happy to continue the Silk Road Kung Fu Friendship series of articles. They are popular! The next installment will be number 39 of a seven year series. The previous two articles were:

丝绸之路功夫友谊之旅第37部分——泰国普吉岛 Silk Road Kung Fu Friendship Tour Part 37 – Phuket, Thailand

丝绸之路功夫友谊之旅第38部分——普吉岛功夫续 Silk Road Kung Fu Friendship Tour Part 38 – Phuket Island’s Kung Fu Continued

我已经在 上出版了两本关于丝绸之路功夫友谊之旅的书,并且…I have already published two books about the Silk Road Kung Fu Friendship Tour on, and…

如果有人在谷歌上输入“丝绸之路功夫”,大多数热门照片都是我拍摄的,证明了我在传达关于丝绸之路、中国功夫和文化的积极、充满希望和有趣的信息方面的能力。 这是一种经过验证的能力。 我想做的就是改进,扩大我的媒体传播范围,包括视频,并继续前进。

If someone types “Silk Road Kung Fu” into Google, most of the top photos are by me, proving my ability in communicating positive, hopeful and fun messages about the Silk Roads, Chinese Kung Fu and culture. That is a proven ability. All I want to do is improve, expand my range of media communications to include video, and keep moving forward.

以下是来自 的图片搜索结果

Below are the Image search results from

这是 (msn)。 前九张照片是我的照片。
This is (msn). The first six photos are my photos, as are numbers eight, nine and 10.

想象一下,如果有一千个像我这样的人在包括杂志、期刊在内的在线国际媒体上发表文章和制作结合丝绸之路旅行和不同体育、艺术和科学的视频。 就像千股线可以做成一根结实的绳索,那种可以架起一座桥的路。

Imagine if there were a thousand people like me publishing articles and producing videos that combine Silk Road travel and different sports, arts and sciences in online international media including magazines, journals. That would be like the thousand strands that go into making a strong rope, the kind of road that can hold up a bridge.

大多数西方人从来没有在中国生活过(就像我住了 12 年一样),或者在亚洲的任何地方,我在过去 30 年的大部分时间里都住在那里,只有一小部分人甚至访问过亚洲。 所以,他们很容易相信一些荒谬的事情。 我们能做什么? 微笑。 沟通更有效,永不放弃。

Most westerners never lived in China like I did (12 years), or anywhere in Asia, where I have lived for most of the past 30 years, and only a small percentage even visited Asia. So, it is easy for them to believe some ridiculous things. What can we do? Smile. Communicate more effectively, and never give up.


Your investment, however large or small can make a difference.

在过去的七年里,我在丝绸之路功夫友谊巡回赛上至少投入了 15 万元人民币——没有赞助商。 没关系——因为这是我喜欢做的事情。 然而,现在时间是个问题。 一些负面力量正在世界上制造各种分裂,架起桥梁的人需要更快地工作。 一些赞助商确实会对此有所帮助。

During the past seven years I invested at least 150,000 RMB in the Silk Road Kung Fu Friendship Tour – with no sponsors. That’s OK – because this is what I love to do. However, now time is an issue. Some negative forces are creating all kinds of divisions in the world, and people who build bridges need to work faster. Some sponsors would really help that.

“完形”原则告诉我们,我们一起工作得很好,或者根本不工作。 例如,汽车之所以有效,是因为所有单独的零件都在一起工作。 正因为如此,当人类一起工作时,我们能做什么或去哪里是没有限制的。 这也被称为“双赢”,是所有先进文明前进的基础。

The principle of “gestalt” teaches us that we work well together or we work not at all. For example, a car works because all the individual parts work together. Just so, when humans work together, there is no limit to what we can do or where we can go. That is also called “Win-Win” and rests at the foundation of all advanced civilizations moving forward.


My WeChat name, other social media contact information, and email address can be found on the Contact page.

上面的标题是“二元性”。 一个开悟的人超越二元性。 和谐的思想和行动合而为一。

Above is titled “Duality.” An “awakened” person transcends duality. Harmonious thought and action become One. Image by John Hain from Pixabay

Image also by Image by John Hain from Pixabay. Thank you John.