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Gregory Brundage(石龙)最近的编辑工作

Recent editing work by Gregory Brundage

2021 年 9 月 – 2022 年 10 月

September 2021 – October 2022

2021.09.24 胚胎 IFNτ 诱导的胚胎 IFNAR1 和子宫内膜 IFNAR2 的特异性激活指导牛早期植入的正常子宫命运

Specific activation of embryonic IFNAR1 and endometrial IFNAR2 induced by embryonic IFNτ directs normal uterine fate for bovine

2021.10.08 严重钙化病变导丝偏斜导致旋磨不均匀导致冠状动脉夹层并发症的研究

Study on coronary dissection complication caused by uneven rotational atherectomy due to guidewire bias for calcified lesions

2021.11.05 气候变化——书中精选章节   Climate Change – Selected chapters in book

2021.11.25 脊柱侧弯矫形手术联合Nusinersen鞘内注射显着改善1例SMA患者术后疗效一例报告

Scoliosis orthopedic surgery combined with Nusinersen intrathecal injection significantly improved the post operative outcome of a SMA patient

2021.11.28 频率梳直接双光子跃迁的动力学

Dynamics in direct two-photon transition by frequency combs

2021.12.02 杂交瘤细胞培养和抗体生产服务

Hybridoma cell culture and antibody production services

2021.12.07  线粒体糖尿病 中国家庭中的3243 A>G与文献综述

Mitochondrial diabetes mellitus due to m. 3243 A>G in a Chinese family and literature review

2021.12.11 基于异常转录组表达的AML预后风险评分模型构建

Construction of AML prognostic risk scoring model based on abnormal transcriptome expression

2021.12.20 抗EGFR靶向治疗在局部晚期下咽癌诱导化疗中的疗效和安全性初步分析  Preliminary Analysis of the Efficacy and Safety of Anti-EGFR Targeted Therapy in Induction Chemotherapy for Locally Advanced Hypopharyngeal Cancer

2021.12.21 我国头颈部鳞癌治疗现状与展望  Current status and prospect of treatment of head and neck squamous cell carcinoma in China

2021.12.23 一种基于物联网的实时网球水平评估和击球分类系统(石龙与主编直接合作)  A Real-Time Tennis Level Evaluation and Strokes Classification System Based on the Internet of Things (Stone Dragon worked directly with the lead author editing this

article.) https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S2542660521001335

2021.12.29 褪黑激素通过阻断 HIF-1α 信号通路介导缺氧条件下犬支持细胞的抗纤维化 Melatonin through blockade of HIF-1α signaling mediates the anti-fibrosis under hypoxia in canine Sertoli cells

2021.12.31 紫杉烷加铂联合西妥昔单抗一线治疗复发/转移性头颈部鳞状细胞癌:回顾性分析  Taxane plus platinum in combination with cetuximab as a first-line treatment for recurrent/metastatic head and neck squamous cell carcinoma: a retrospective analysis

2022.01.01 玻尿酸丰胸  Chin Augmentation with Hyaluronic Acid [3,467 words]

2022.01.07 阿帕替尼联合司来帕格治疗胃癌所致肺动脉高压的肺肿瘤血栓性微血管病新药  Apatinib plus selexipag as a novel treatment for pulmonary tumor thrombotic microangiopathy accompanied by pulmonary hypertension induced by gastric carcinoma [4,645 words]

2022.01.12 超声引导下镍钛合金支架植入治疗动静脉瘘早期再狭窄 Ultrasound-guided nitinol stent implantation to treat early restenosis of arteriovenous fistula… [3,433 words]

2022.02.07 生物医药科技公司招股说明书 Bio-med tech company prospectus presentation [2,417 words]

2022.02.09 激素受体阳性乳腺癌新辅助治疗中检查点抑制剂阻断反应的临床病理学和遗传分析  Clinicopathological and genetic analyses associated with response to checkpoint inhibitor blockade in neoadjuvant therapy in hormone receptor positive breast cancer [5,298 words; Cover letter 314 words ]

2022.02.16 登革热患者的白细胞介素 37 升高与登革热病毒载量相关 Elevated Interleukin-37 Associated with Dengue Viral Load in Patients with Dengue Fever [5,160 words]

2022.02.22 无创胚胎植入前基因检测 (ni-PGT) 和基于活检的 PGT 的囊胚染色体检测:系统评价和荟萃分析 Blastocyst chromosome detection of non-invasive preimplantation genetic testing (ni-PGT) and biopsy-based PGT:A systematic review and meta-analysis [1,341 words]

2022.02.26 基于惯性测量和机器学习的网球发球实时分类 Real-Time Classification of Tennis Serves Based on Inertial Measurement and Machine Learning [4,715 words (Not transl. company)]

2022.03.01 邀请函 – 德国制药公司 Invitation Letter – German Pharmaceutical corporation [734 words]

2022.03.02 成年期体重变化模式与哮喘事件的关联:一项回顾性队列研究 Association of weight change patterns across adulthood with incident asthma: a retrospective cohort study [Study: 5,135 words; Response to Reviewer Comments 2,735 words; Supplement Doc. 796 words]

2022.03.04 完善多层次医疗保障体系,支持医药产业创新发展 Improving the multi-layered medical security system and supporting innovative development of the pharmaceutical industry [7,300 words]

2022.03.08 膳食类胡萝卜素摄入量与成人哮喘风险之间的关联:2007-2012 年 NHANES 的横断面研究 Association between dietary carotenoid intakes and the risk of asthma in adults: a cross sectional study of NHANES, 2007-2012 (Response to Reviewer’s comments only.) [1,931 words]

2022.03.17 外泌体 miR-218 通过靶向 TGIF2/TGF-β 通路调节奶牛子宫内膜异位症的发展  Exosomal miR-218 regulates the development of endometriosis in dairy cows by targeting TGIF2/TGF-β pathway [3,238 words]

2022.03.24 意大利葡萄酒活动 – Jenny Wang  Italian Wine Event – Jenny Wang [489 words]

2022.04.01 中国青岛献血者血铅水平升高影响因素调查研究 A survey study of factors influencing elevated blood lead levels in donors from Qingdao, China [3,352 words]

2022.04.01 中英文翻译对照表 Chinese and English translation comparison table [592 words]

2022.04.02 近代江南地区阴丹士林布的数字化色彩研究  Study on Digitizing Colors of Indanthrene-blue Cloth in the Jiangnan Area in Modern China [9198 words/2 – Chinese/English]

2022.04.03 ETCath 机器人辅助系统的首次人体评估 First-in-Human Evaluation of the ETCath Robotic-Assisted System [4,132 words]

2022.04.11 一种用于定量预测急性髓性白血病风险的新型评分系统 A novel scoring system for quantitative prediction of risk in acute myeloid leukemia [4,379 words]

2022.04.13 中国人类免疫缺陷病毒感染人群围手术期抗病毒治疗专家共识 Expert Consensus on Perioperative Antiviral Therapy for Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infected Population in China (Second Edition) [3663 words]

2022.05.07 Reverse homodigital dorsal wraparound flap for reconstruction of distal thumb [3,120 words]

2022.05.01 我开始在一所高中全职教书,不得不减少我编辑的文章的数量和复杂性。I started teaching full-time in a high school and had to reduce the number and complexity of articles I edited.

2022.05.31 橱窗展示设计中的侧光分析 Analysis of side lighting in window display design [5,686 words]

2022.06.09 中国的私有化 Privatization in China [3,859 words]

2022.06.11 沙特阿拉伯工业合同 S.A. Industry Contract (1,833 words, Arabic/English)

2022.06.22 主题展示设计研究 Research on the Thematic Display Design [537 words]

2022.06.24 中国免税集团 China Duty Free Group [1,954 words]

2022.06.29 北京天文馆 Beijing Planetarium [463 words]

2022.07.06 戴比尔斯(钻石) – 中国免税集团 DeBeers (Diamonds) – China Duty Free Group [709 words]

2022.07.26 生殖和生殖疾病中的外泌体 Exosomes in reproduction and reproductive diseases [8,282 words]

2022.08.06 宝珀(瑞士名表)中国免税店开业 Blancpain (Swiss luxury watches), China Duty Free Shop Opening [429 words]

2022.08.11 产品战略体系 Product Strategic System [PPT slide – 232 words]

2022.08.20 GLASHÜTTE ORIGINAL (名表, 中国免税店) GLASHÜTTE ORIGINAL (Luxury watches, China Duty Free Shop) [1,070 words]

2022.09.30 胃癌患者的性别差异 Sex Differences in Gastric Cancer Patients [3,339 words]

2022.10.07 学期和我的教学合同完成。我又可以自由地进行编辑工作和在线英语教学了。The school semester and my teaching contract were completed. I am again free for online editing work and English teaching (in China).


Education and editing qualifications

从1973年到1988年,我一直是一名大学生。 I was a university student from 1973 to 1988 continuously.

在我本科的大学期间,我修了两个学期的解剖学和生理学,四个学期的化学,两个学期的组织学,神经生理学概论,高级神经生理学,几门神经生理学研究和高级研究方法,两个学期的 TEM 和 SEM 电子显微镜 (以及切片和组织染色方法)和其他医学预科课程。 然而,我对成为一名医生没有兴趣,因为我更喜欢研究。

During my undergraduate university years, I took two semesters of Anatomy and Physiology, four semesters of chemistry, two semesters of histology, Introduction to Neurophysiology, advanced neurophysiology, several classes in Neurophysiology Research, and advanced research methods, two semesters of TEM and SEM electron microscopy (along with sectioning and tissue staining methodologies), and other pre-med classes. However, I had no interest in becoming a doctor, as I much prefer research.

同时我的专业是心理学,所以我参加了该专业的所有必修课程和许多辅助课程。 我并不急于完成我的大学教育,因为 1970 年代和 1980 年代初期的学费相对便宜。

At the same time my major was in psychology so I took all required and many ancillary courses for that major. I was in no hurry to complete my university education as tuition in the 1970s and early 1980s was relatively cheap.

获得学士学位后,我在 Stonybrook 大学的 Michael Copeland 教授的建议下,以“特殊学生”身份在大学进行了三年的神经生理学研究。 紧随其后的是四年的研究生院教育心理学系、学校心理学系。 该计划侧重于测试(国家和国际智商、人格和投射测试设计、规范、结构和法律问题)和学生兴趣、能力和潜力的评估,以及学生咨询和其他相关主题。

After getting my Bachelor’s Degree I did three years of research in neurophysiology at the university using “special student” status, advised by Professor Michael Copeland of Stonybrook University. That was followed by four years of Graduate School in the Educational Psychology Department, School Psychology Department. That program focused on testing (national and international IQ, personality and projective test design, norming, construction and legal issues) and assessment of student interests, abilities and potential, in addition to student counseling and other related topics.

大学毕业后,我被该市最大的非裔美国人报纸聘用,并于 1988 年开始担任编辑工作。种族主义和种族隔离在密尔沃基至少几十年来一直是有害问题。 一个多月后,我也开始了记者的工作。 几年后,该报在郊区开了一家分报,我被提升为该报的编辑,同时继续担任母报的记者。

After university I was hired at the city’s largest African American newspaper, starting work as an editor in 1988. Racism, and segregation have been pernicious problems in Milwaukee for decades at least. A month or so later I also started working as a reporter. A few years after that the newspaper launched a branch newspaper in a suburb, and I was promoted to be the editor of that newspaper, while continuing my work as a reporter for the parent newspaper.

我的第一份医学编辑工作是 2005 年在韩国进行的,当时我是一名实习生,研究微型支架结合新型药物治疗以加速骨骼再生。 (最近他一直在做髋关节置换手术。)我还帮助韩国的医学生准备美国 MCAT 考试。

My first medical editing work was in South Korea in 2005, for an intern doing research on micro-scaffolding combined with novel pharmaceutical treatments to accelerate bone regrowth. (Most recently he’s been doing hip replacements.) I also helped medical students in South Korea prepare for the American MCAT exam.

当我住在中国时(2009-2021),我在一所大型私立学校担任教师。 在我的空闲时间里,我花了几年时间主要编辑与石油工程有关的论文(只为朋友,不为钱)。 这是我至少知道一点的事情,因为 30 年前,我是一家德国公司在东盟(包括韩国和台湾)下游石油工业的大型研究项目的项目负责人。

When I lived in China (2009-2021) I worked as a teacher at a large private school. In my free time I spent a few years editing mainly dissertations relating to petroleum engineering (only for friends, not for money). This is something I know at least a little about as 30 years ago I was the project leader on a large research project for a German corporation on the downstream oil industry in ASEAN, including South Korea and Taiwan.

  • 行业研究和分析报告 – 选定国家 – 东盟/环太平洋地区 – 1985-2000 年以工程和建筑市场为重点的石油和天然气、石化、化工行业概述,为 Mannesmann Anlagenbau, Marktforschung GmbH 编写,已提交 1992年12月,吉隆坡能源出版社

Industry Research and Analysis Report – Selected Nations — ASEAN/Pacific Rim – Overview of the Oil and Gas, Petrochemicals, Chemicals Industry with an Emphasis on the Engineering and Construction Market, 1985-2000, prepared for Mannesmann Anlagenbau, Marktforschung GmbH, Submitted December, 1992, Energy Publishing Kuala Lumpur

2017 年,北京的一位朋友问我是否可以为她合作的一家翻译公司编辑一些医学研究文章。 上面列表中的大部分编辑工作都是为我的朋友和她合作的翻译公司完成的。

In 2017 a friend in Beijing asked if I could edit some medical research articles for a translation company she works with. Most of the edit work on the list above was done for my friend and the translation company she works with.

我从我编辑的每篇文章中都学到了一些东西。 学习一直是我的爱好。 我发现研究引人入胜,跟上医学科学、统计分析等领域的最新进展是一项很好的智力挑战。 英文有时候有点复杂,我很同情那些把中国医学研究翻译成英文的人。 然而,这是绝对必要的,因此这些医生可以与世界分享这项研究。

I learn something from every article I edit. Learning has always been a passion of mine. I find research fascinating, and it’s a good intellectual challenge to keep up with the latest advances in medical science, statistical analysis, and so on. English is a bit complex sometimes and I have a lot of empathy for the those who translate Chinese language medical research into English. This however is absolutely necessary so those doctors can share that research with the world. 

尽管我父亲是一位非常成功的历史教授,但我在大学时只上过一门历史课:“医学史”。 为什么? 大多数历史书都关注战争和杀戮。 我对治疗和健康更感兴趣。

Even though my father was a very successful history professor, I only took one history class as a university student: “The History of Medicine.” Why? Most history books focus on wars and killing. I’m much more interested in healing and health.

除了上述之外,几十年来,我还为朋友编辑了大量其他内容。 例如,我编辑(并在很大程度上重写)的一篇论文在世界银行发表。 那是给一位在我大学攻读博士学位的外国教授。 我还为韩国全州的一位朋友编辑了一本诗集。 所以,我在我的生活中做了很多不同类型的编辑。

In addition to the above, over the decades I’ve editing a large number of other things for friends. For example, one paper I edited (and largely rewrote) was presented at the World Bank. That was for a foreign professor getting his PhD at my university. I also edited a book of poetry for a friend in Jeonju, South Korea. So, I’ve done a lot of different kinds of editing in my life.

我也写过不少广告文案,撰写和编辑过各种商业提案(针对初创公司、合资企业、收购和合并)公司招股说明书、信件、合同等。 所以,我是一个相当多才多艺的作家和编辑,尽管在过去的 30 年里,除了从事与武术相关的旅行写作之外,我主要在高中和大学担任教师。

I also have done quite a bit of advertising copy writing, and have written and edited all kinds of business proposals (for startups, joint ventures, acquisitions and mergers) company prospectus, correspondence, contracts and so on. So, I’m a fairly versatile writer and editor, though for the past 30 years I’ve primarily worked as a teacher at the high school and university levels in addition to doing martial art related travel writing.